Cores Pillows Toppers
Our Process
We use the “Dunlop” process, with only Sri Lankan high Quality “Natural Latex”.
Value of Natural Latex
  Each rubber tree weeps 15 grams of latex ,daily . A Queen size Core needs the daily output of 2500 trees ,spread over 12 acres of rubber plantation , providing a living to eight rubber tappers . Interestingly , these rubber trees accounts for the removal of 143 metric tons of Carbon Di Oxide from the environment in 1 year .This is the genuine contribution to the environment of Latex Green .
Dunlop Process    
  Open mould filling system superlative for making high quality 100% Natural latex products.    
  Our 16 point Quality control procedure assures consistent quality from Raw materials to final product.
Foaming & Gelling   Vulcanizing
  Uses a high-tech, computer controlled foaming machine made in the USA; air is blended with latex to achieve required density & hardness of foam     Steam cure technique with design engineered stainless steel pin moulds for energy efficiency. This technique keeps the natural latex characteristics undisturbed through the vulcanizing process
Washing   Drying & Conditioning
  Multi-cycle washing method using drinkable quality water to ensure clean & pure product.     Soft condition drying mechanism, unique to Latex Green enhances the Natural feel of the end product.
  Quality control (checking hardness, weight, visual control)
  Slicing , cutting as it need by the customers with immense care    
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